Check out the FAQs for answers to common questions!

Q: What is a virtual studio?

A: It means that I do not have a physical studio space in which I will see students and hold classes. My students are in their own spaces, viewing me on a device.

Q: What streaming service do you use?

A: I use Zoom because I found it the most versatile to suit my needs. It is available across all platforms (Apple, Android, PC, etc) meaning that more people will be able to take classes with me, regardless of what they have on hand.

Q: What do you mean by narrative yoga?

A: All my yoga classes follow a theme. For the lower cost classes, this is just a simple theme that tells a sort of loose story or takes you on a journey. For example, in the fire elemental class, the poses follow the “life” of fire from a small flame to volcanic eruption back down to an ember.

For my “master” classes, the theme is more involved and include elements that can be taken outside of yoga, such as the tarot themed class where you are learning about the actual cards.

Q: I’ve never done yoga before, can I take your class?

A: Sure! My class offers many pose variations and all poses are demonstrated as well as explained so that anyone can follow along. As always, you do not have to do anything that is uncomfortable for you.

Q: Can my child take your yoga class?

A: This is really up to you! None of my themes are “adult” but some of them have adult moments, such as in the tarot course when discussing the Strength/Lust card. Some themes may seem scary to younger yogis.

All that being said, I will be offering plenty of courses that are child friendly. If in doubt, please send me a message either through the contact form or to my email fatwitchyoga at gmail dot com.

Q: I’m pregnant, can I take your class?

A: You are welcome to, but I am not a prenatal yoga instructor (yet!) so these classes are not designed for pregnant bodies. My flows are gentler and I recommend everyone listen to their own body when engaging in yoga, however, if you do choose to take a class with me while pregnant, please be mindful that this is not a prenatal class.

Q: I love what you do and I want to take a class in person!

A: Why thank you for the compliment! As I have said before, I do not have a physical studio but keep an eye on my newsletter and blog to see if I will be teaching in a space near you!