New to yoga? Here is a list of supplies!

The Bare Essentials

Clothing – You’ll need something you are comfortable and can move around in. Fancy leggings are not required. You can wear your pajamas if you want. Ideally you would want something that allows free movement for all parts of your body. If you have a more developed chest area, you may want to wear a sports bra to keep them contained. Other than that, some people like grippy, toeless socks but this isn’t necessary. Yoga is typically done barefoot and there is no special footwear required.

Mat – Yoga involves floor movement, so a yoga mat is advised. You can get a yoga mat from just about anywhere, you do not need an expensive mat to get started. There are online options such as Amazon and Yoga Accessories where you can inexpensive mats for a low price. You can also find them in local sports stores and even the “fitness” section of big box stores.

Encouraged but Not Mandatory

Strap – Straps make it a lot easier to reach toes or arms behind our backs. Again. you can find them online fairly easily and for a low cost but in a pinch, you can also use neckties which can be found in abundance at thrift stores.

Blanket – These are just blankets! Traditional “yoga blankets” tend to be woven and rather thin, not like comforters. You can roll them up to act as bolsters in a pinch or fold them over for some extra cushion under your knees during kneeling poses. They are also used as just blankets during meditation.

Blocks – Blocks are used to bring the floor to you or help prop you up. They are made from foam or cork. The foam ones are less expensive than the cork ones. They come in a variety of sizes from small to large. There are even angled blocks to help with poses. For starters, the basic, small blocks are a good place to begin. Some people use videos (VCR tapes) or DVD box sets in place of blocks.

Bolster – These are cushions that are used to help prop you up in poses. These also come in a variety of sizes and can be purchased online. They are bit more expensive. Rolled up blankets and pillows can be substituted in some poses but unfortunately, bolsters are really the only thing that has the same feel as bolsters. This is a helpful but not mandatory prop option.

Knee cushions – having some extra padding just for knees has proven helpful for many people. I, myself use some! Gardening mats from home improvement stores are inexpensive and help provide protection to the knees.