Yoga Bill of Rights

You have the right to a shame free experience

The language of the instructor will be supportive of all bodies, gender expressions, preferences, and abilities. All are welcome.

To that extent, this a space free of Diet Culture. We will not speak on support weight loss or diet talk. We are body positive and the instructor will only speak of bodies in a neutral or positive manner to promote greater feelings of comfort within ourselves.

This space is anti-oppression, appropriation and racism.

We promote healing justice and pace the sanctity of marginalized groups mental wellbeing above all else. This includes of color, LGBTQIA+, and persecuted religious and cultural backgrounds.

You have a right to digital security and privacy.
We will never share your private information with any third parties except for those that have been clearly outlined and consented to such as payment and streaming vendors.

You have a right to decide what to do with your body.

You never to engage in any pose that makes you feel uncomfortable, for any reason. We respect that you know your body best and strive to create a learning environment in which your personal limits are respected.